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These little soaps will make you travel directly to Portugal!
A beautiful collection of traditional scents from my country.

Little muslim bag with ten "fofinhos!":
- Campos de Lavanda: The familiar and fresh scent of Lavender;
- Limões da Avó: The zesty scent of our lemons;
- Cafézinho! the scent of coffee (made with expresso!). An expresso after a meal is always welcome here!;
- Á beira Mar : A refreshing fragrance of the sea that surround Portugal;
- Eucalipto: The familiar scent of our Eucalyptus fields;
- Doce Figo: A fragrance of sweet fig with brown sugar. We love sweet figs!
- Canela : A spicy fragrance of cinnamon. We have a lot of deserts with a touch of cinnamon!
- Rosa Geranio : A floral bouquet of Geranium, like the ones we have in our balconies.
- Laranja do Algarve : A fresh scent of crushed oranges like the one we have in Algarve, the south region of Portugal.
- Carvão : Made with activated charcoal. We love to use this ingredient, specialy for oily skin.

Olive Oil, Sweet Almond oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, sustainable and organic Palm oil, Kaolin clay, Water, Mica, blend of Essential Oils, Fragrance, Poppy seeds, Coffee grounds, Expresso, Salt, Lavender flowers, Green Tea leaves, Orange peels

Average weight: 80g

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